Episode 262

Karen Laos


December 5th, 2022

22 mins 12 secs

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Join us on Be Brave at Work as we speak with Karen Laos. Karen, a Communication Expert and Confidence Cultivator, teaches women leaders how to be influential communicators and speak up with confidence in the boardroom and beyond. Through practical strategies that outline what to say and how to say it, Karen is fiercely committed to eradicating self-doubt in 10 million women within 10 years.

With 20+ years of public speaking experience, Karen has graced stages all over the world and coached corporations and individuals with the concrete skills to transform self-doubt and missed opportunities into empowered growth, more clients, job promotions, and negotiated deals. She specializes in presence and direct messaging through an approachable and engaging manner, equipping women to stand out through declarative, impactful speech and leaving them empowered with practical tools they can apply immediately.

Tapping into her background in human resources, Karen incorporates introspection and the power of trusting our own voices, taking her clients on a journey where they’re no longer dependent on others’ opinions. By breaking down perfection-induced communication barriers, Karen is able to build trust and credibility quickly and has worked with giants like NASA, Google, Netflix, Facebook, Sephora, Sony, and more.

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