Episode 209

Lucas Root


April 28th, 2022

20 mins 58 secs

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About this Episode

Join us on Be Brave at Work as we speak with Lucas Root. For over 17 years, Lucas led numerous teams on Wall Street. After establishing a consistent track record of success, he started his own consulting business. Lucas works with strong brands with a well-funded great idea, that don't quite know how to execute. Since early 2019, Lucas has had the wonderful opportunity to speak to numerous audiences in North America, Australia, and Europe, as well as partner with both businesses and VCs for mentoring.

From his strong roots at Fortune 500 companies and on Wall Street to developing smaller, but powerful brands, Lucas has built a strong track record of successes that also includes many speaking engagements, podcasts, publications and his bestselling "Work from Home" course. Whether leading business and projects for his clients or mentoring his clients to become empowering leaders themselves, Lucas is a heart-centered expert in business.

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