Episode 159

John Reid


October 28th, 2021

23 mins 32 secs

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About this Episode

Join us on Be Brave at Work as we speak with John Reid. John is the Founder, President and Lead Designer of JMReid Group, a global behavior change organization specializing in leadership, development, sales effectiveness and skill enhancement.

After John survived three bouts of cancer, he decided to pursue his passion for learning and development. John pursued this passion with a belief that people want to get better and can get better, but it is often the manner in which traditional training is designed and delivered that makes this desire for growth difficult.

As the lead designer for JMReid Group, John shifts the design emphasis from models and intellectual property to a learning experience that is relevant to the learner’s real world, taps into participants’ wisdom and is engaging and sustainable. His is a clearly learner-centric approach.

John is the author of "Moving from Models to Mindsets: Rethinking the Sales Conversation" and the upcoming book, "The Five Lost Superpowers: Why We Lose Them and How to Get Them Back."

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